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roof lights We have made a start on the main house, replacing the roof and the windows:

Under Construction!

We are the slightly amazed but proud owners of what was once a great farm situated in the heart of County Down.

Over the last couple of hundred years, this would have been a thriving, lively place full of animals, people, their lives and activities.

The evidence is still around us.

Abandoned around 40 years ago, the buildings have slowly deteriorated, some disappearing altogether, others almost unrecognisable.


It is our task and privilege to rescue and renovate what is here and create new purpose for the place, as Craft Workshop, Tea Room, Bed and breakfast, and family home.

We have made a start! But there is plenty to do yet.

That is the fun of it!

We have many areas of activity:

the Dwelling House
the Turnip House Workshop
the Gallery - former cow byre
the outbuilding range
the formal front garden
the 1 acre field